Make sure you are connected to the correct chain and wallet before depositing.

Depositing ETH on Layer 1:

This method is the easiest, as it is on Ethereum mainnet and works with any Metamask browser It ONLY works if you have ETH on Ethereum Mainnet

Step 1: On the top left click on "Settings" and then click on "Deposit"

Step 2: Select the top option "Deposit on Mainnet" and click on the deposit button to deposit to Layer 1

Step 3: Head over to the link on your screen - and use the code that is provided (The code is used as an identifier for your account).

Step 4: Connect your wallet

Step 5: Enter the amount that you want to deposit

Step 6: Confirm the deposit and pay for gas.

Step 7: You're done! Bridging is routed through the official Blast bridge and may take 10 minutes. The balance will be updated in your GangsterArena account once the transaction is successful.

Depositing ETH or NFTs on Layer 2:

This method works best if you already have ETH on Blast Layer 2

Step 1: To deposit on layer 2, click on settings and click on "Deposit"

Step 2: Retrieve your wallet address by copying the wallet address under the tab "Receive on Blast".

Step 3: Use your personal wallet i.e. MetaMask and send your assets - Gangster NFT, ETH or $GREED to the copied address. Make sure this is on Blast L2

Step 4: Pay for the gas and confirm the transaction

Step 5: If you have deposited Gangster NFTs - you will also need to stake them before they earn $GREED. Go to Settings > Stake

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