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To kickstart the economy, Uncharted Foundation is giving away [2,000,000] $GREED

Update (22 May): The playtest is over and rewards will be airdropped prior to launch. See list of winners

At the beginning of the game there will be no $GREED in the economy. However, $GREED is required to buy Gangsters to play. Therefore we are excited to announce the $GREED Fairdrop

Players will be able to obtain $GREED in three ways:

  1. Playtest to earn: Players can compete in Gangster Arena 2 on testnet to earn a share of 1 million $GREED.

  2. $GREED Fairdrop: Creators can earn a share of 1 million $GREED via the Uncharted Rewards portal ("uRewards"), via either questing or creating Twitter content. Tweets that are liked by Gangster Arena earn points. More views = more points = more $GREED.

  3. Gangster NFT Presale: Up to [1500] Gangster NFTs will be available for presale. Previous players of Gangster Arena season 1 will receive a free mint via whitelist. ETH spent on Gangsters will go towards the initial $GREED/ETH LP.

Playtest to Earn

To ensure a fair testing environment, Gangster Arena 2 will not use ETH. Instead, players will be issued with a random amount of uETH which they can use the play the game and trade for $GREED.

Players will earn a share of 1 million $GREED based on their profit at the end of the game, which is calculated based on:

  • Starting uETH vs ending uETH

  • Final $GREED holdings

To disincentivise botting and multiple accounts, players who transfer uETH or $GREED directly to another player will be disqualified. Use in-app swaps to trade these currencies.

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