Play as a mob boss. Your goal is to increase your gang's reputation and climb the leaderboard to earn ETH rewards when the season ends.


Gangster Arena is about building up your gang. Buy Gangsters and Goons to earn more resources ($GREED and XGREED). Buy Safehouses to increase your gang reputation. Level up your Gangsters and Safehouses to keep growing.

Gang Wars

Deploy your gangsters in Gang Wars against other players to win rewards. Will you risk it to earn more? Raid to steal $GREED from other players? Or play it safe and defend?


Reputation determines leaderboard rankings. The game ends once the timer runs out, after which the economy wipes and leaderboard prizes are distributed.

Gangster Arena is seasonal. The economy resets and assets do not carry over between seasons, ensuring players have new opportunities to compete for rewards.

The ONLY asset that will have utility beyond Season 2 will be $GREED

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