Archive: $GREED LP Rewards

$GREED liquidity is valuable for all participants in the ecosystem.

As such, Gangster Arena Foundation will allocate weekly $GREED incentives for $GREED / ETH LP stakers, in partnership with Thruster and Hyperlock.

The foundation will also setup the initial liquidity pool.

NEW! Gangster Arena has partnered with Hyperlock and there is around 5-10k of Blast Gold to be distributed to GREED / ETH LP stakers from 20th June until 25th June


Dates$GREED Rewards

Phase 1: 20th June - 24th June


How to stake

Step 1. Buy $GREED

Step 2. Add $GREED / ETH to LP

Make sure to select "V2" and not "V3"

Approve and add liquidity.

Step 3: Stake LP on Hyperlock

Search for "GREED"

Click on the pool and stake your LP

Once done you should see the LP in your "Deposited" section. You can unstake at any time.

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