Dutch Auction Launch

In Gangster Arena, the cost of game assets is based on the number of purchases in the last 12 hours. This allows the very first buyer to get an unfair advantage by buying units at a very low price.

To address this issue, we have decided to gamify the launch with a Variable Dutch Auction.

Variable Dutch Auction

For the first 48 hours of the game, the minimum price of Gangster, Safehouses and Goons will slowly decrease every 20 minutes.

This has several benefits:

  • More fair, as there is no major advantage for being the first one to login

  • More strategic, as players have to decide when is the right time to buy?

In Gangster Arena, the price of units are based on # purchases in last 12 hours. Therefore if players buy during the dutch auction, the price will go back up

Starting Prices:

UnitStarting PriceEquivalent Number of Purchases


[40,000] $GREED

3,598 Gangsters


[20,000] $GREED

2,220 Safehouses


[20,000] $GREED

2,234 Goons

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